Burgess Ready To Conquer NORC Event With New Car, Team

— The Idaho racer will wheel a new GT 500 with the help of a new team and sponsors —

Meridian, ID (5/13/22) — Sam Burgess’ second chance at glory at one of the most unique automotive events in the country will finally come this weekend. Burgess will be among the hundreds of racers looking to test their speed and driving skills during the Nevada Open Road Challenge, scheduled for May 13-15 on Nevada Highway 318.

“I’ve been preparing for years to take advantage of a second opportunity at this race,” said Burgess, whose first foray into Silver State Classic Challenge events came in 2019, when he competed in the 110 MPH class with a 2013 Ford F150. “I’ve got a new car and a new team, and we’re ready to tackle this course.”

Burgess is no stranger to motorsports, having competed in a plethora of events throughout his career, but the Nevada Open Road Challenge, a two-way race totaling 119.78 miles (59.89 each way) on a remote stretch of Nevada highway, presents a unique challenge.

“I love this course because it’s very different compared to the other circuits and events at which I’ve competed,” said Burgess. “Taking on the fast straights, sweeping corners, and blind dips at top speed pose a great challenge, which makes this event so much fun.”

This time, Burgess will sit behind the wheel of a 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 that was mostly purposely built for competition. The team added a supercharger, JLT cold air intake, 7-speed dual clutch, roll bar, 6-point harnesses, and Stilo communications system to pilot the race car in the 125 MPH class. The car is sponsored by AmeriBrade, Rugged Radios, Western Railroad Solutions, Digital Saints Marketing Agency, AutoNerdMedia, DX Star Racing, Bagged N Nerdy Brand, and Severed Ties Car Club.

Burgess will also rely on a new racing partner, Lhea Alisha, who will serve as his navigator and inform him of their time, what lies ahead in the course, and what obstacles to look out for.

“I’ve spent my entire career on the other side of the racing spectrum, helping promote and market various automotive events and racers, so I’m excited for this opportunity to assist one of the best pilots in racing,” said Lhea Alisha. “We’ve been practicing and studying hard, and we’re both ready to make a name for our team.”

“All the time, work, and dedication we’ve put into this new GT 500 will finally be put to the test this weekend,” added Burgess. “I’m ready, Lhea is ready, the car is ready, and so are our sponsors. It’s time to show what we can do.”

To learn more about Sam Burgess, @__Sampson and Lhea Alisha, @LheaAlisha on Instagram

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